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The Board
Synopsis: The meeting has come to order...The battle has begun…The verdict impacts eternity. The Board is a dramatic film that explores a person’s soul, which is represented by a board of directors. The members of this board (Mind, Memory, Emotion, Heart, Will and Conscience) discuss and vote on seemingly mundane events until a co-worker poses a dilemma that has eternal consequences. When faced with a powerful indictment, the board’s hypocritical self-defense is exposed as it wrestles with the ultimate decision that every person must make. This short-film fantasy will reveal the reality of how God speaks to your own soul as you consider your eternal destiny. thewager
Genre: Drama
Director: Brett Varvel
Gary Varvel & Brett Varvel
CAST: Gary Varvel, Brett Varvel, Drew Varvel, Terry Varvel, Daron Day, Bruce Crum
Studio: Bethesda Pictures, Uptone Pictures